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The Catacombs of San Senatore are located along the Appian Way, in front of the Tomb of the Orazi and Curiazi and under the Church of Santa Maria della Stella.

The catacombs were obtained from a pre-existing tuff quarry and were used as a cemetery between the end of the 3rd century and the whole of the 6th century A.D., dated by the finds of the tombs.

One of the main rooms is the so-called Historical Crypt which has burial recesses in the walls and has frescoed walls. It is possible to admire valuable frescoes such as the “Christ seated on a throne surrounded by four Albanian martyrs” (from the 5th century).

The fame of these catacombs was due to the presence of the bodies of San Senatore who is portrayed in one of these frescoes while he is being offered the crown of martyrdom by Saints Peter and Paul.


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