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The visit to the nature park starts by climbing onto a small train that leads to the Curtipetrizzi Forest for an excursion where you can admire and study the beauty of the forest, focusing on the flora and fauna.
You will be able to find nature in the sounds, colours, shapes and scents that were those that once covered the entire landscape of Puglia. In this area of ​​the park there are also various thematic areas such as the “World of Fairy Tales in the Woods”, the “World of Gnomes”, “La Giungla” – the “village of Tarzan” up to the Jurassic area set up with dinosaurs inside the wood.
The minizoo is an area of ​​the forest in which different types of animals live in large open spaces: Tibetan goats, camels, dromedaries, eagles, owls, donkeys, mouflons (wild sheep), Highland cows, Indian ducks, zebras, ponies, deer, llamas , etc.


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