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The palace arose from the transformation of the Vicovaro fortress. In 1191 Pope Celestine III gave the fiefdom of Varia (Vicovaro) to the Counts of Tagliacozzo and the Orsini descendants who built an impregnable stronghold.

In 1692 the Orsini gave Vicovaro to a noble family from Bologna, from which the fortress derived the name Bolognetti. Between 1693 and 1721 the Bolognetti family transformed the medieval castle into a residential palace, and the centre of agricultural administration, with the architect Sebastiano Cipriani.

The palace was connected to the new Church of St. Peter the Apostle through a frescoed gallery of views and landscapes created by the painter Salvatore Monosilio.

Of the original fortress two cylindrical towers, the graded ramp access and a Gothic portal remain.