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The Soriano nel Cimino chestnut festival is one of the most important events in Tuscia and lasts several weekends with the preview term ‘Waiting for the chestnut festival’.

The chestnut festival was established by the Council of the Community at the end of the fifteenth century, although the modern Sagra was founded in 1967 and includes two distinct aspects: a re-enactment of historical events and a tribute to the most nutritious autumn fruit.

The protagonists of the historical re-enactment are the four districts of Soriano: Papacqua, Rocca, San Giorgio and Trinità. These compete in the popular games of the Palio delle Contrade and animate the village with historical re-enactments of legends and parades with the participants.

Picture by Marcello Mascellini

Great historical moments of Soriano are told in animated scenes including the story of the Rose and the Angel of 1250, the Papal Bull of 1279, the execution of Vico of 1443 and the memorable battle of Fosso del Buonincontro of 1489.

A day is dedicated to the Vojola d’oro award, which in dialect means precisely ‘gold roast chestnut’, dedicated to great personalities of the Italian scene who have distinguished themselves in their fields and who have some form of link with the town.

Every weekend of the festival is characterized by excursions into the woods and in the ancient village and meetings to discover the treasures of Tuscia and the food and wine products of the area.