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The church dates from the thirteenth century but was modified after the earthquake of 1915. The church was shortened to enlarge Corso Volsci. The facade has four columns of neo-classical style with two fake bell towers on either side. The inside is at a lower level than the road. On the vault of the central dome you can admire a fresco titled Lost, by the school of Cavalier d’Arpino of the eighteenth century, depicting the expulsion of the rebel angels from Paradise.

In 1580 the mother of Cardinal Cesare Baronio was buried here. Inside is a wooden crucifix donated in 1564 by Cesare Baronio to the Congregation of Charity, and sculpted by Tiberio Calcagni, Michelangelo’s disciple. You can also see a valuable painting by Sebastiano Conca from the first half of 1700s depicting the Madonna of Divine Love.