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The church and convent of St John are located in the countryside of Piglio, on the side of the new cemetery, and are governed by the Minor Friars.

The convent was built in 1620 and over the years it was enlarged and modified.

The Church has a single nave and was built in 1632. It had a main altar, with different coloured marbles, and three other minor altars dedicated to Our Lady of the Star, St. Anthony and the Holy Crucifix. The wooden crucifix was carved by Brother Angelo d’Aprigliano.

The complex was badly damaged by the earthquake in 1915 and was later destroyed by Allied bombing in 1944. The new church was rebuilt and consecrated in 1949 in the purest Franciscan style, it has a large central nave and two side aisles. The complex is larger and different from the previous one. The plan of the new cloister is rectangular, whereas before it was square; the old bell tower was rib vault, the new one has a square base and in its interior there is a spiral staircase leading to the bells.