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The Franciscan complex is located on the upper side of the town, 850 meters above sea level, surrounded by oaks and laurels. It is a particularly attractive place for the natural setting in which it stands and also for the atmosphere of recollection and spirituality that surrounds it.

Legend has it that it was founded by St. Francis, returning from the Holy Land and traveling to Subiaco, on land donated by Cardinal Giovanni Colonna.

The church, originally of the fifteenth century, has undergone many twists and turns over the centuries. Completely rebuilt in 1773 it was later abandoned and suffered severe damage during the earthquake of 1915 and the bombings during World War II. It was rebuilt and reopened in 1954. The Church guards the urn containing the remains of the Blessed Andrea Conti, the Exorcist brother, creator of the first Jubilee then proclaimed by Boniface VIII, his nephew. The Blessed Andrea Conti lived isolated for about forty years, near the Convent, in a narrow, dark, humid, cave which can still be visited. On the rock was carved his effigy