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The church was built in 1610 by the Duchess Costanza Sforza Boncompagni thanks to a bequest of 300 ducats after the death of her husband, Giacomo (James) the Duke. The building was home to the Jesuit college and in 1614, at the behest of Bishop Jerome Giovannelli, the bones of the holy martyr Giuliano (Julian) were moved there.

Because of earthquakes, the church was restored in early 1700s in Baroque style. In the second half of the 1800s, the vault was frescoed by the Neapolitan School of painters with the “glorificazione della Madonna con i santi Domenico, Giuliano e Restituta” (glorification of the Madonna with the Saints Dominic, Julian and Restituta), in whose background stands out a view of Sora. The apse paintings are by the Sorano artist Domenico Biancale from1915 and depict St. Bonaventura and St. Bernardo. There is a sixteenth century statue of Our Lady of Sorrows and wooden angels sculpted by Pasquale Fosca.