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In this church is preserved a sacred image found in 1796 and being the object of popular devotion. The church has a border with Veroli about 500 meters from the Abbey of Casamari. Its name may derive from the fact that the direction of the work for the construction of the Abbey of Casamari was based here, or that in this place convalescing sick monks spent time.

In 1731 the church was destroyed as it had become a place of refuge for Brigands, typical of border areas between the Papal State and the Kingdom of Two Sicilies. Around 1790, refurbishment work was initiated on the premises and there were brought to light frescoes depicting the Madonna and Child with the lives of saints such as St. Thomas Becket, St. Thomas, St. Benedict and St. Leonard. These frescoes were detached and are now kept at the Museum of Casamari.

Since 1797 there has been an important goods and livestock fair in this location.