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The church is located 2 km from the village and dates from early in the first half of the 18th century. The construction of the current design was completed in 1734. The new cemetery built in 1875 is located at the church.

Its interior has a majestic Baroque altar style, various oil paintings, including a canvas representing the visit of Saint Elizabeth of 1783, one of the Presentation at the Temple, one of an Annunciation, one of the Wedding Ceremony of the Madonna, one of The Escape from Egypt and one of the Birth of Jesus.

The original church was visited by many pilgrims from the neighbouring Kingdom and Naples, especially on the days of celebration, and in 1724 expansion was initiated thanks to the intervention of the populace and the clergy. In the chronicles, the church was inaugurated in 1735 in presence of four thousand faithful while “the coronation was accompanied in the Sacred Ceremony with Bells, Tambourines and an Archibugiate (early musket) Shootout by the soldiers, under the command of Captain Liberio Sterbini.”

The Church houses the Confraternity of the Madonna of Concordia founded in 1828.