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The church of Madonna is also the called delle Grazie, and dates back to the sixteenth century. It is said  that it was built on the site where was found a painting of the Madonna. The story says that a farmer found this painting among the brambles and took it to the nearby church. During the night the painting disappeared and was found again on the thorns which, in dialect, are called ‘fratte’ or ‘thickets’.

On that site was later built a small temple, a simple church with a single nave and a roof ‘hut’. Inside a small arch separates the area of ​​the faithful from the altar on which is a portrait of the Madonna and Child. The painting is a copy because the original has been lost during the bombardments of World War II.

The simple façade is enriched with a door surrounded by stone slabs, a circular window above the door and a small staircase in the entrance stone. The church has two steeples with rib vaults.