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The Church of the Annunciation in Castelnuovo Parano dates from 1631 and was built using a fund made available by the Princess of Stigliano. It has a single nave with an octagonal presbytery and three side altars on each side.

The chapel of the Souls of Purgatory was built in 1715 and decorated with frescoes by Crescenzo Gamba, a local painter.

The side altars have attractively tiled coverings with the possibility to observe variations of decorations that have been processed in a ceraamic workshop during the eighteenth century.

They are attributed to Gaetano Pardo, the only one who was given the title of ‘figulus insignis’ (Signature as maker of earthenware vessels) among artisans working in Sant’Apollinare, who, coming from Naples, was operating in the area of ​​Cassino in 1744. The bell tower was built some time later.



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