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The church dates back at least to 1600 and is still visited by thousands of the faithful to venerate an ancient crucifix. The chapel was born to guard a tile with a picture of the madonna unearthed by some wild boars. The tile was originally hanging from a branch and after the first miracle was built into a little shelter.

Around 1600 the chapel was enlarged to accommodate the large number of pilgrims and the project was commissioned to a pupil of Vignola. In the church a large crucifix belonging to the Passionists of Carbognano was acquired. The Passionists tried to regain possession of the crucifix but inexplicably it arrived “back” into the new church.

This crucifix has spawned many miracles even if for a few years the church was later abandoned by the Passionist Fathers. Today the church and worship are back to their splendour