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The church of the SS. Annunziata or Madonna del Rifugio of Norma is located in the centre of the medieval village of Norma and is attached to the church of San Rocco on its right facing. This is the highest point of Norma and recognizes the urban structure of what was to be the castle around which the village was formed.
The church was renovated in the sixteenth century. The very simple façade has three entrance doors, which correspond to the three naves, each of which is framed by simple white stone slabs. A window with a cross illuminates the central nave.
A slender white stone bell tower with two levels with single-light windows is located at the end of the church which stands out among the alleys of the ancient village.
A plaque on the outside recalls that in this church in 1059 Norma consecrated herself to the immaculate heart of Mary.