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The baroque Church of Saint John the Baptist, Evangelist dates back to the Middle Ages but was restructured in the 18th century under the leadership of the architect Giacomo del Sole. The simple facade is enriched by baroque friezes and two niches with statues of the saints.

The interior has three aisles and is in a beautifully worked baroque style. The church ends with a carved wooden choir surmounted by a perfectly functioning organ.

Above the altar that is decorated with gold plucked wicker is the urn (or sarcophagus) with the body of the patron Saint Onorio of Casalvieri, which is opened twice a year, during the feast of the saint, to show the body protected by a glass bowl.

In one of the side chapels there are wooden statues and paintings by Cavalier d’Arpino and Fabrizio Santafede. Of great value is a “Deposition of Saint Sebastian”, which was  painted with the influence of Caravaggio.


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