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Its origin is early medieval. A plaque on the front door it reads that in 1091 the church was restored for the first time. It is at the foot of Mount Siserno and was entrusted by the bishop to one or more hermits who lived in a room near the church until eighteenth century.

In 1692, the interior sacristy was built and restructured with the fresco depicting the martyr San Sosio. In another restoration in 1863 the stone terrace that you see today was built.

The church has a single nave and the back wall has a recessed niche containing a wooden statue of St. Blaise, now kept in the Santa Maria Maggiore church. Until a few decades ago the mothers warned their children with the threat that if they went to the church of San Biagio the “monk” (strict Franciscan) would have appeared. This oral tradition recalls the presence on site of hermit monks.