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The church is located in Piazza Municipio and was built in the fourteenth century by Annibaldo IV de Ceccano. The Cardinal stipulated in her will (1348) the construction of a church just outside the walls that would be entrusted to the Minor Friars.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, with the arrival of the Colonna, the church was rebuilt in Baroque style and then reopened to the faithful in 1597. Since 1868 the building was entrusted to the Sisters of Charity who started a real work of transformation. The religious organisation left the church in 1969.

The interior has a single nave with two side altars decorated with frescoes of the seventeenth century. On the left one is painted a fresco depicting the stigmata of St. Francis, whereas on the right one depicting the Nativity, it is framed at the top by a decoration with the coat of arms of Cardinal Maurizio Caetani.

Behind the altar there is a dividing wall decorated with icons and enriched with gilded stucco and frescoes of the nineteenth century.

A niche in the middle of the wall houses the statue of Saint Sebastian of the XVI century and, at the top, there is a statue of the Madonna.

Note the small processional organ that was being carried through the streets of the town during religious festivals. It is the only one in south Lazio. The instrument was commissioned to the organ building workshop “Catarinozzi-Spadari” Affile (Rome) in commemoration of the Jubilee of 1775. It was restored in 2003.