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The church was built in the 18th century to replace a former medieval church and named after the nearby convent founded in 1741 by the three Faioli sisters.

The church has an eighteenth-century appearance and the interior is a single nave with lateral chapels enriched with marble and stucco. Below the church lies the crypt where the sisters are buried.

In front of the church, under the access stairway, a bronze monument was built by the sculptor Angelo Canevari in 1989. The monument represents the three sisters who welcome a little girl.

The Faioli Sisters

The Sisters Faioli, Teresa, Cecilia and Antonia, were originally from Fiuggi and once they were orphaned they devoted themselves to helping other girls who were alone by opening their paternal home in the old town. Their fame grew and they moved to a larger building where they lived and served the orphaned girls for over 31 years. In 1876 the bishop of Anagni consecrated the Rule of Saint Clare, with which the religious order is founded.

The process of beatification of sisters has begun.