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The church dates from the year 1395 begun by the people who asked Cardinal Bartolomeo for the opportunity to build a church at their own expense. The building was completed in 1445 and was expanded over the years with side chapels in different times and ways, as evidenced by their asymmetry.

On 25 May 1687, the church was devastated by a fire that destroyed it because it was largely made of wood. It was rebuilt and re-consecrated on May 11, 1777 and the organ was moved to the back of the church on a special masonry stage.

It was again destroyed by the earthquake of Avezzano and then in the Second World War and was rebuilt in 1950. The church has three naves with side chapels that are the only original part of the old church. The apse preserves the original multicoloured marble altar. The bell tower has the town clock with three bells.