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The church is located at the foot of the Fortress of Petrella. The earliest records of its existence date back to the twelfth century, but it could be earlier, and you can still find some Romanesque paintings dating back to the twelfth century. The phenomenon of the birth of castles, in fact, begins around the tenth century.

The construction in square hewn stone ends with an apse lit by a single pane window. The façade opens on to a square of the ‘castrum’ (the original castle-fortress), the heart of the life of the town centre. The Mareri in the fourteenth century built the bell tower, with a defensive function, and decorated it.

On the facade are the crests of the house of Mareri painted continuously and repetitive of one decorative figure and then other. Inside all new frescoes were framed with coats of arms of Mareri that are repeated with regular succession.