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It is ‘the oldest church of Viticuso (under the Benedictine symbol of three hills there is the date 1003) and precisely located on the namesake mountain.

It should be noted that it was built by the Benedictines of the diocese of Montecassino, although it was part of the diocese of Venafro and this is why it is thought that it was born as an observation post, as it marks the border between the territory of Monte Cassino and the county of Venafro.

How then it has become a chapel is natural, since it was already inhabited by a religious order.

Initially, according to some sources, this chapel was dedicated to St. Christopher, and there is no historical data that gives the reasons why San Antonino has become the patron saint of the town in which the people are deeply devoted and tied to the church.

Some legends testify to the physical presence in Viticuso of San Antonio, who arrived on a visit from Venafro. It seems that on this occasion the Saint, tired and fatigued, perhaps because being chased by brigands sat down on a stone, which he chose as his residence.

The current structure dates back to 1898, as engraved on the lintel of the main door, but obvious renovations have taken place in 1945 with the intention of repairing the damage of war.