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The Civic Museum of Albano is located in the neoclassical Villa Ferrajoli which is surrounded by a splendid park and located along the Via Appia. The villa was restored in the nineteenth century by the Marquis Ferrajoli who oversaw its neoclassical transformation. The facade recalls a classic temple and presents a large pediment with a representation of the myth of Ceres who teaches agriculture in Trittolemo.

In 1948 the villa was purchased by the Municipality of Albano and today houses a museum, in some interior rooms you can see the original frescoes painted by Giovan Battista Caretti.

The path of the museum winds along 4 sections that start from prehistory and reach the Middle Ages. It then begins with finds from the Village of the Millstones on piles of Lake Albano and goes through the Iron Age of Albalonga to then arrive at finds of the first villas of the Republican era in Rome. The last rooms are dedicated to the finds in the catacombs of San Senatore.


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