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The Claudia Water Complex of Anguillara Sabazia is made up of a grandiose circular arc-shaped semicircle having a radius of 87 meters, of which only the left half is visible, enriched by a series of semicircular niches and linked by half-columns. The back part of the exedra (semicircular portico) has a corridor originally covered by a wooden walkable floor, which shed light on the series of windows that opened onto the exedra. The ends of the corridor were closed by two ninfei, built to create plays of water, in turn powered by the water contained in cisterns upstream of the complex.

All the building, except the circular tank, is coated in quasi opus reticolatum (diamond shaped bricks) of flint, formed by irregular wedge-shaped quadrangular blocks, and for this it can be dated to the mid-first century. B.C.


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