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The convent and school of the Oblate Sisters of Albano Laziale are located within one of the most significant areas of the city and in fact occupy part of the ruins of the ancient Baths of Cellomaio.

The courtyard where the children play during recreation is located just below the ancient arches of the baths and above the Museum of the Second Partic Legion.

The order of the Oblates was born in Albano in 1714 by Maria Maggioni who began by welcoming some young girls into her paternal home, giving them shelter and education. The order was then formed in 1724 and from 1735 they were assigned the current headquarters.

The consecration of the order of the Oblates of Jesus and Mary took place in 1745 with a decree by Pope Benedict XIV. Today the order has several sites and all deal with the education of young people.


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