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The complex was built in 1282 by Cardinal Giacomo Savelli, who later became Pope Honorius IV, and was entrusted to the Guglielmini fathers.

The church is located in the highest part of Albano at the top of the ‘trident’ and is also known as the sanctuary of San Gaspare del Bufalo. The trident was built in the seventeenth century by the Savellis to allow the creation of the village of San Paolo.

A first restoration was done by Marco Antonio Colonna in 1769 who gave it a baroque style, while the facade has a neoclassical style of the nineteenth century.

Inside there are numerous paintings made between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Above the altar there is a painting depicting Saint Paul made in the late seventeenth century by Pietro da Cortona.

The convent was active until the arrival of Napoleon who had many convents closed and put them up for sale. The convent was then entrusted to the Missionary Fathers of the Precious Blood and under the altar of a chapel is the body of San Gaspare Del Bufalo, founder of the order.

The convent was then destroyed by bombing in the Second World War and rebuilt in 1952. Today it houses the episcopal seminary and a training center.


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