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DiVino Borgo in Torre Cajetani is the enogastronomic and cultural event that is becoming one of the landmarks of the entire province of Frosinone, able to attract thousands of visitors to the medieval village of Torre Cajetani.

The event opens the summer at Torre Cajetani with a party thanks to excellent local food (pappardelle with wild boar, truffle tidbits of wild boar, side dishes, wine, etc …) and great professional artists who perform.

It all starts with games, tricks, music and entertainment for children and the streets of the village are coloured with joy of the children. This is followed by the opening of the artistic journey accompanied by musical performances inside the Teofilatto castle, which can be visited thanks to a paid guided tour.

The cellars, located in the alleys and in Piazza Santa Maria Goretti, will delight visitors with two menus of the classic Ciociaria tradition, one based on wild boar and the other with pasta and beans.

The paninoteca and good wine will also be available until late at night. Street artists cheer the path with their varied shows to give all the participants a night of dancing and fun.

A perfect mix of culture, music and art that is expressed in a magical atmosphere between the walls of the village and the medieval castle, which can be visited by those who will surely enjoy the experience.

To learn more cal the cultural association “Tra Sogno E Realtà”.