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In a corner of the city wall, a small niche with a statue of San Domenico was built, just near some rocks that are said to have the footprints of the saint. Especially the sign of an elbow and a hand he left on the rock while kneeling in prayer to get rid of the temptation of two malevolent women.

The cult of San Domenico da Sora is very much felt at Vico because here he lived in the Ecio forest near a spring.

In 1005, the citizens donated part of the forest to San Domenico, who erected the first centre of what is now known as the famous Carthusian Monastery of Trisulti.

In a second private donation on January 13th 1061, it is said that the donation was made to the monastery with the consent of the donor’s wife to demonstrate the democratic climate that existed in Vico nel Lazio.