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Boville Etnica festival  is a popular music and culture festival that has become a highly anticipated event over the years. It takes place in the splendid setting of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, in Boville Ernica, famous for the mosaic of the Angel of Giotto to which a special event is dedicated on Monday called the Monday of the Angel on Easter Monday.

Boville Etnica is divided into 2 days that begin the afternoon with many experiences and end with evening concerts at midnight. During the event it is possible to attend popular and ethnic dance courses, courses of accordion and of frame drums as well as conventions of popular music. At the concerts you can enjoy the rhythms of folk music with its most varied influences and evolutions.

During the two evenings, artists of top rating from the Italian popular scene perform, with dances and songs with urgent rhythms, they immerse the public on a captivating journey between the regions of Southern Italy. You dance in the square with a variety of rhythms and sounds that it is impossible to resist.

Among the guests of the popular scene that have taken the stage of Boville Etnica we remember: Antonio Infantino, Alla Bua, Enzo Avitabile, Cantori in Terra di Lavoro, Giuliano Gabriele Ensemble, Kalascima, Cisco (formerly Modena City Ramblers), Hevia, Carlos Nùñez, Bombino, Mario Incudine.

Alongside the music there is a market with food and wine stands where you can taste loccal products and traditional Ciociaria dishes.


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