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The San Vittore festival in Vallerano the third weekend of August and is among the hearings of the Tuscia by number of participants and for the devotion of the citizens to this saint.

San Vittore was a martyr in Syria when the governor was the ferocious Sebastiano. He was beheaded together with Santa Corona (patron of nearby Canepina) in 171 AD. after having suffered atrocious torture: the joints were broken, thrown and left for 3 days in a burning furnace, poisoned food and boiling oil and others that it is better not to list.

There is certainty of the existence of the Confraternity of San Vittore already before 1563 while for sure the religious celebrations have been held at least since 1705. The images of the Confraternity can be seen in paintings in the church of San Vittore.

The statue of the Patron Saint is put on a ‘processional machine’ and transported by porters along a path in the streets of the medieval village and then up to the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Ruscello.

The procession is accompanied by songs and mortal shots, while on the return journey is characterized by the simulation of a real bombardment on the ground.

After the religious celebrations, the party continues with musical guests and food and wine tastings in the village.

The superb fireworks celebrations are concluded: the most beautiful in central Italy.