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In January, the celebrations of Saint Orsio take place in the enchanting village of Tuscia, the patron saint of Vejano with a fascinating and tragic history.

A knight of Charlemagne, is cursed by a sorcerer to commit the murder of his father, wife and son, a curse that came true making him commit the triple murder. The fulfillment of the curse leads him to atone for his faults on a pilgrimage to the world, which leads to the eventual death on Mount Sumano with his eyes turned to the sky.

The cult of the saint, introduced to Vejano by the Orsini family, is celebrated every year by the citizens with the traditional mass in honor of the saint. At the end of the Mass, as a tribute to the thirst suffered by St. Ursio during his pilgrimage, a slice of bread soaked in a glass of wine is distributed free to the whole population. In the evening the soup festival is organized, prepared with love by the local associations and distributed to all the participants. The following day the events culminate with a fireworks display for the enjoyment of children and adults.