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The patron saint of Europe is celebrated in Subiaco with great celebrations.

They begin on March 20 in the Sacro Speco, a place where he lived for 3 years, where the monks and abbot of the monastery come together in prayer to invoke the protection of Saint Benedict on the Roman village. At the end of the solemn ceremony a procession is formed, opened by the municipal banner, which from the Sacro Speco reaches the Basilica of Sant ‘Andrea, where the statue of the Saint is displayed. The celebrations continue the following day with the traditional procession of the Saint’s car through the streets of the village of Subiaco, to which the Benedictine Torch “Pro Europa Una”, from Norcia and Cassino, joins each year. On the morning of 22 March the statuette of Saint Benedict is brought back to the Sacro Speco, a gesture that marks the end of the festivities.