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The Brotherhood of St. Agatha for centuries has organised the feast of the patron saint on February 5 dedicated to the Saint allocating the proceeds of the festival to the needy and providing a hot meal to the population. The habit of the Brotherhood is a white tunic, a blue woollen cord and a blue cape.

The history of St Agatha is connected to the assault of the 1592 when the inhabitants of Cerreto rallied to defeat mercenary band of Marco Sciarra who had besieged them. During the famous episode, the hero was a cat that set the barns alight where the bandits were staying, setting the town on fire. Legend has it that the fire was extinguished thanks to St Agatha who since then has been elected patron and has been a subject of a celebration every year.

The pastor at the time, in fact, came from Catania and it was natural to ask the grace of Sant’Agata who was the patron of Catania and Etna.