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Festa Antoniana is three days of feast in Anzio for the patron Saint Anthony of Padua and involves gastronomy, celebrations, expressions of solidarity and joy.

“Festa Antoniana”, a beautiful event appreciated by the citizens and tourists of Anzio, closes the patronal celebrations of the city on the Roman coast.

The spirit of the Antoniana Festival is to offer an opportunity to be together in a familiar, convivial atmosphere while enjoying marinated dishes washed down with local wine.

The weekend is based on the traditional seafood flavours of Anzio such as fried local fish, calamarata (pasta with calamari), grilled prawns, all accompanied by good wine.

The event has a natural beneficial purpose since the proceeds go to the charitable works put in place by the city Caritas, together with the Anzio Festivities Committee and the Sant’Antonio Lega Marinara.

If you want to enjoy the pleasures of Anzio, go to via Giacomo Matteotti inside the Campo dell’Oratorio of the Saints Pio and Antonio.



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