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Casperia is the setting for a particular festival that deals in a fun way with a philosophical theme such as that of the rule. But must we overcome it to be happy or must we stay within pre-packaged schemes? Chaos or grids of rules?
Can you make music without using any musical instruments? Or using only metronome? Can paintings be painted using only one color? Can one work on sculptures no higher than a few centimeters? Or tell a story using only a vowel?
Three days with meetings, installations, exhibitions, workshops and public participation. Meetings with personalities who will face life from particular points of view and discuss them with the spectators.
The anthropologist Adriano Favole tells “The dilemma of the hermit crab. Rules, limits and escape routes “and among the musicians the famous” concert for vegetables “by Gian Luigi Carlone (Banda Osiris) and Biagio Bagini
The Festival of Exceptions is organized by the Schegge di Cotone and Ersilio M. cultural associations under the patronage of the Municipality of Casperia.