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Ausonia is a village on a hill in the Monti Ausoni along the road that connects Cassino with Formia and at the end of June it hosts the famous Festival of Marzolina, the typical soft goat’s cheese.

The marzolina is produced in all the mountainous areas of the lower Lazio, such as Mountains Ausoni, Lepini, Aurunci and in the hills of the Valle di Comino. In each of these areas it takes particular aromas and flavors and that of Ausonia can be tasted fresh, in oil or flavored with local spices or with chili.

It owes its name to the month of March, when cheese is prepared before being seasoned on racks that once were woven in wicker. Marzolina has been included in the Slow Food Presidium among traditional products.

An opportunity to visit this village and its Sanctuary of the Madonna del Piano with a crypt with frescoes that tell the story of the whole of Lazio and how the Abbey of Montecassino brought back well-being and a socio-economic structure in this area.


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