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“Di Voci e Di Suoni” is an original festival of music and popular theater held in the summer in Caprarola, in the province of Viterbo. Every year the festival fills the magical nights in the squares of Caprarola with a program that alternates concerts of popular music by exceptional artists to comedies and re-enactments of classic Italian comedy, becoming by now a point of reference for fans of traditional music in Lazio and beyond.

The shows are held in suggestive locations changing with each edition, such as the square inside Palazzo Farnese and Piazza Monsignor Sebastiani Giuseppe.

Picture by Simone Olmati

The festival is promoted by the Folk Theater Company “Peppino Liuzzi”, a company that recites in caprolatto dialect and staged original texts written by the same members. The Compagnia, active for tens of years, has brought on stage dozens of texts that explore the daily realities of the Italian province.

The Company has also collaborated with the author and director Umberto Marino, who first led to the realization of some RAI radio dramas, who then continued with  theater and finally with the cinema and fiction.

In the last editions they have played, danced and performed at the Festival “Di Voci e di Suoni”: the “Il Tetraedro” Company with “Il Decameron” , the singer Theresia Bothe, the Company “La Paranza”, the famous “The Violins of Santa Vittoria” by Gualtieri (RE), the Muro del Canto, the Metro Brousse, the flamenco guitarist Simone Mor, the tenor Antonio Poli and the baritone Alfonso Antoniozzi, the duo Francesco Loccisano and Andrea Piccioni, the show “Marocchinate” with Simone Cristicchi and Ariele Vincenti, the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio, Marina Bruno and the Dirindina, Canio Lo Guercio & Alessandro D’Alessandro, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, Nema Problema Orkestar and the Company of Folk Theater “Peppino Liuzzi” that brought on stage the shows “Tàvala più, tàvala meno”, “La serenata è fenita”, “Li viaggi de Ulisse “, and with the Italian Sankofa Culture Group the revival of” The Imaginary West “by Molière.

The Festival “Di Voci e di Suoni” was born in 2008 to cover the path of art, friendship and solidarity (every year the collection is donated to a project for street children in Guatemala).


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