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The Festival SalTaranta is a festival of popular music that combines traditional music of places nearby to Acuto, traditional music such as Saltarello and Tarantella, spanning to typical Apulian melodies and in particular of Salento like Taranta and Pizzica.

The festival takes place in Acuto during a white night and hosts prestigious groups and groups of folk music from central and southern Italy.

Every year SalTaranta involves thousands of young and old from all over the province because 3 new groups of great quality alternate on stage playing the rhythms of tarantella, saltarello and pizzica from the evening until the early hours of the morning.

The overwhelming rhythm of folk music creates a magical atmosphere that envelops the village for an entire night, involving hundreds of people coming to the village to dance. Year after year this event has had a growing success, becoming a reference event in the panorama of the popular and regional Ciociarian music.

The groups whose top performances are remembered include: Zona Briganti, Vento del Sud, Alla Bua, MBL, Zimbaria, Kamafei, Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli.

Next to the music you can taste the famous Ciociarian cuisine and taste the Cesanese del Piglio DOCG wine which in Acuto has a unique and unmistakable flavor.


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