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Fiuggi water has been known since Roman times as “Fons Arilla” and in the area of the sources were found the remains of buildings and remains of Roman roads. The oldest documents date back to the Middle Ages the use of water: two accounting records in which are shown a series of payment orders placed by two popes who for over three years made 51 trips from Rome to Fiuggi to take the healthy water to Pope Boniface VIII.

Between 1548 and 1549 Michelangelo Buonarroti was healed of “sickness of the stone” by the use of the flowing waters of a “fountain” 40 miles from Rome, precisely in Fiuggi, then still called Anticoli di Campagna.

The mineral waters of Fiuggi are effective in detoxifying treatments, especially in the prevention and in the renal care, and gout.