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The Fortress has become famous for two acts of violence.

In 1511 the Count Gianfrancesco Mareri had not met the promise of a dowry to Giacomo Facchini who had married his natural daughter. For this reason the son retaliated and entered the fortress with more than two hundred armed men, strangled the Count and Countess in their bed, and he killed all his children and his guests. From the massacre is only saved his little daughter Maria Costanza, who was cast from the Fortress, but was caught by the garments on a protruding iron spike and was saved by the inhabitants of Petrella.

The second tragic event occurred in 1598 when Beatrice Cenci with the consent of her brothers and stepmother, organized the killing of her father, the Count Francesco. Beatrice was sentenced to death and executed in Castel Sant’Angelo.