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The Genazzano DOC is a wine produced in the territories of Genazzano, Cave, Olevano Romano, San Vito Romano and Paliano.

The area was known since Roman times for the Prenestino wine and had been described by Galen, the personal physician of Marco Aurelio, who had devoted a chapter to the wine in his treatise De Rimediis therapies.

In the Middle Ages in 1354 the Statuta Olibani were issued, detailing the castle that dominated the area between Olevano Romano and Genazzano, which describes the areas to be allocated to the vineyard, the ways to harvest and how to adjust the wine trade.

In modern times the first Grape Festival of Genazzano took place soon after World War II.

The white wine has a pale-yellow colour with a lively flavour and is also produced in the sparkling version. It is obtained from Malvasia di Candia (minimum 85%), Bellone, Bombino, Tuscan Trebbiano and Pinot Bianco.

Red wine is similar to the Cesanese and is produced from Ciliegiolo (minimum 85%) along with Sangiovese and common Cesanese.

The Genazzano DOC wines have won numerous accolades and awards both nationally and internationally.