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The ancient structure of Villa Torlonia was born from a small farm granted to Annibal Caro from the Abbey of Grottaferrata for use for a small annual fee.
Many changes of ownership until in 1607 the Villa was sold to Cardinal Scipione Borghese who restored it thanks to the fantastic work of the masters Giovanni Fontana, Carlo Maderno and Flaminio Ponzio.
The magnificent water features of the fountains are fed by an aqueduct, creating a beautiful bond between water and nature.
Many families who succeeded each other on the property from the Altemps, the Colonna, the Sforza and finally the Torlonia.
The bombings destroyed the villa and today we find a modern building inside the park but the fountain in the upper part and the Teatro delle Acque still remain an attraction that recalls the ancient splendor of the families that followed.



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