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Interamna Lirenas is the ancient Roman city, founded as a Latin colony in 312 BC along the Via Latina. Interamna name means “between the rivers” as the city stood at the confluence of the Liri River and the Rio Spallo Basso.

The colony was a military base in the war against the Samnites, during which it was destroyed in 294. It was also ravaged by Hannibal in 212 and, having then taken the side of Hannibal, it had to pay heavy taxes. It became a Municipium in 90 BC regulating the Teretina tribes.

Not much is left of the city.  The bridge still spans the Rio Spallo Basso, “Devil’s Bridge”, and that linking Interamna to Casinum. You can also see a few ruins like those of an aqueduct and the Terme.