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The Bellegra area is affected by karst phenomena such as the depression of the Pantano (marsh) valley where until 1911 there was a lake that was then drained for agricultural purposes. From this small pond and its underground outlet the “Arch Caves” originated. They are almost a kilometer long and half a kilometer of which is fully accessible even for disabled people.

They are so called because at their entrance is a natural stone arch.

The caves are striking for the wealth of stalactites, stalagmites, sinkholes, and rooms for observing the typical fauna of these underground environments. The large rooms have a precise charm and have names that recall their glory: the “cyclopean” salon, the “Titanic” salon, the “Dome Hall” and the “Great Hall”.

The cave is crossed by a small stream that creates pools with clear water that gives even more charm to the whole system.