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On the facade of a house in via del Muro Torto of Prossedi, there is a large slab with inscriptions written in Latin made by Pope Clement XIV and dated 1772.

It is a contract in which the Pope grants the prince Angelo Gabrielli the possibility of using for himself an oven for baking bread, a crusher, a mill to grind wheat and a butcher for public use. These concessions are made to both Prince Gabrielli operating religiously in Prossedi and had a duration of 25 years with the possibility of being renewed.

The contract sticks to the wall of the house so that it was visible to all citizens in order to prevent abuses and misunderstandings.

The epigraph is historically important and represents something “unique” that demonstrates the economic vitality of Prossedi which provided, within its walls, everything you need for everyday life.


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