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The sky lights up above Vasanello, a village in the province of Viterbo, and you immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere, almost timeless. The Lights and Lanterns festival was created to revitalize the historic centre, the beating heart of this small town and it immediately attracted the attention of visitors.

The elegance and charm of the lanterns give life to a colourful choreography in the evocative historical centre, all lit up in the splendid nights of the Tuscia area. Lots of activities are offered by the organizers, from dance performances to the fiery festival with musicians, jugglers and street artists.

Do not miss the daily eno-gastronomic events with the opening of the old taverns where you can taste typical products and specialties cooked according to ancient recipes. The procession of lights will start only when night falls, with candles placed on the windows and in front of the doors of the houses of Vasanello.

The final evening ends with the release of the lanterns in the starry sky, in a spectacular fashion, while people are dancing (pizzica and taranta) and singing in the square.

The Festival of Light and Lanterns looks like a special day (and night), a combination of originality and tradition, which should not be missed.