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The Lower Castle, the “Palatium inferius” is the best preserved and is on the north side of the town. Currently it spreads over two floors, ground and mezzanine floor, with the nineteenth-century external arrangement, and it protects the main gate of access to Piglio. The Lower Castle had a Court, a stage, onto which the buildings are constructed, of which one features a “Painted Room”, that is decorated with paintings.

The lower castle is cited in documents from 1365, the period when the “De Antioch” were the lords of the place. It is considered that the oldest part was built before 1329, the year of collection of taxes and in the documents was mentioned an “Ecclesia S. Petri de Castello de Vetulo Pileo”, the church that was to be located inside the castle, but of which no traces remain.

In the lower part of the castle the entrance to the village is located, consisting of a large arch, called Arco della Fontana, with a beautiful late Romanesque mullioned window on the right.