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On the evening of 14 August, 16 men carry on their shoulders a canopy with the eighteenth-century statue of the Madonna and Child, in the midst of the din of firecrackers and fireworks, and place it behind the altar of the church of St. George.

The special feature of this ritual is the fact that the statue has a wardrobe of clothes to be worn from 14 August to 8 September. Our Lady has so many clothes that she never succeeds to wear them all. Some are very precious with gold decorations and lace finely crafted by hand.

On 8 September in another solemn procession the Madonna returns to the church chapel dressed in a simple dress and surrounded by votive offerings.

The clothes of the Madonna are kept in the sacristy and are periodically arranged. Some dresses are those from the marriages of Oriolesi women who have made a gift to the Madonna and the oldest ones were donated by Altieri princesses.

During the period of the exposition the faithful may request that the Madonna wear a particular dress.