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Because of its proximity to Olevano, Bellegra has seen the passage of numerous artists who during the 19th century were travelling to Italy to paint that unique mix of natural beauties and historical millennial testimonies.

Here is a list of some of the painters who have immortalized Bellegra’s landscapes in their paintings:


Gasparo Dughet, 1649

Prophecy of Basilide with Civitella, San Vito and Guadagnolo

Fresco Rome in Church San Martino on the Mounts


Ludwig Vogel, 1811

View of the sacred retreat of St. Francis of Civitella and the San Vito background

Landesmuseum Zurich


Joseph Anton Koch, 1814

The sacred retreat of St. Francis of Civitella In the background Mount Ruffi or the mammelle

Berlin Smpk alte Nationalgalerie, Landscape between Olevano and Civitella and Jacob’s return home

Museum Der Bildenden Kusten


Johann David Passavant, 1822

San Umberto in the Serpentara and in the background Civitella


Heinrich Reinhold, 1822

View of the valley of kilns with the town of Civitella

Hamburg kunsthalle


Adrian Ludwig Richter, 1823

Return home tonight to the old Civitella door


Ernest Fries, 1827

View on Civitella

Leipzig Museum


Anonymous, 1830

Jesus and Samaritan at the well and in the background to the right Civitella at the centre of which is the Ruffi arch or mammelle

Lubeck Museum


Friedrich Preller the elder, 1830

Landscape between Olevano and Civitella



Friedrich Preller, 1833

View of Civitella to the north with the blackberry valea and woodcutter


Carl Morgestern, 1836

Polygonal walls in San Sisto


Theobald von Oer, 1837

View from Civitella above Cicchitello and Olevano


Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, 1839

View of the Mammelle or Ruffi mountains from the north of Civitella


Johann Wilhelm Schirmer, 1839

Rock formations at Civitella


Ernest Willers, 1840

View of Civitella north with storm


Wilhelm Pose, 1843

View of Civitella from Serpentara


Johann Georg von Dillis

View of Civitella Rocca Santo Stefano with mammelle


Alexander Kanoldt, 1924

The town of Bellegra Civitella with the Serpentara


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