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This oil is produced right in the ancient trappeto in the atrium of the Barresi-Branciforti Castle, center of a renowned olive production since the XVth century. These premises were restored in 1811 by Ercole Maria Branciforti, lord of Militello, to replace the previous ruined trapdoor which was inside the castle. Already in 1812, with the abolition of feudalism, all the properties of the lords of Militello passed to the Majorana della Nicchiara family of barons. From 1922 to today the trappeto is managed by the Insana – Di Giorgi family and the Frantoio Di Giorgi, associate member of A.I.F.O. (Associazione Italiana Frantoiani Oleari), uses a continuous-temperature controlled-temperature plant and the oil-making operations are always carried out in an artisanal way no later than 48 hours after the olive harvest, thus guaranteeing the final quality of the oil.