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There are many trails that start from and arrive at Monte Cairo, with its famous beech woods close to the summit, and you can do countless hikes and walks that have as a starting point Colle San Magno.

In addition to St Benedict’s Way, you can reach the summit of Monte Cairo (1669 m.) passing through the military base of Pozzacone. From here you can then traverse the massif of Cairo to descend to Terelle or to reach the Valley of Melfa.

Other destinations that can be reached from the trails that depart from Mount Cairo reach Campo del Popolo (Casalattico) along paths with remains of villages of brigands and a tomb with Roman burials found in the locality Fonnelle.

You can also climb Mount Obachelle and reach the today abandoned settlements like Alle Sett’rere or Jannole (towards the Melfa valley).